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About Arts on the Prairie

Welcome to Arts on the Prairie, an annual celebration of artistic expression and community collaboration. Our journey began with the vision of Holly Lofton, CVB Director, who secured an EPIC grant through the Kansas Department of Commerce. EPIC, short for Engaging Placemaking for Innovative Communities, proved to be a catalyst for arts-driven community development projects, offering not just funding but also invaluable technical assistance and mentorship.

The EPIC Journey

The EPIC group, representing Barton, Harvey, McPherson, Pratt, Kingman, Stafford, Rice, and Reno counties, joined forces to explore innovative ideas. In our community, diverse stakeholders from civic, cultural, economic, philanthropic, education, and underserved sectors came together, weaving a tapestry of creativity and collaboration.

From Vision to Reality

Three potential ideas for Lindsborg emerged, with workshops emerging as the most viable. The Sandzén Gallery, in collaboration with Bethany College, Lindsborg’s CVB, city, and the Lindsborg Arts Council, assumed leadership roles, steering the course towards a vibrant arts community.

A Collaborative Effort

The Arts on the Prairie committee, comprised of passionate individuals such as Becky Anderson, Pam Ash, Michaela Groeblacher, Aubrey Hahn, Holly Lofton, Sarah Mathia, Ron Michael, and Lindy Nelson, took the reins, supported by consultant Jim Richardson. Emphasizing collaboration, the committee envisions Arts on the Prairie as a long-term, community-wide initiative.

Funding and Gratitude

The EPIC grant provided the necessary impetus, with a $45,000 grant matched by $11,250 in investments. Grateful for the support from the city, Lindsborg Arts Council, and the Sandzén Gallery, the committee looks forward to a sustained impact over the years.

A Canvas of Workshops

This year’s workshops will feature printmaking, painting, ceramics, and photography. Looking ahead, Arts on the Prairie envisions expanding its offerings to include drawing, animation, game and graphic design, mixed-media, sculpture, fibers, woodworking, basketry, jewelry, and more.

Beyond the Classroom

While most workshops will unfold in the Bethany College art department, our events will embrace the diverse integrity of the Prairie. Venues include the Sandzén Gallery, Sundstrom Center, Charter School, Swedish Pavilion, Maxwell Game Preserve, downtown businesses, area farms, and more. The Arts on the Prairie experience extends beyond creativity, weaving together food, lodging, and the unique spirit of our community.

Join us on this artistic journey, where the prairie becomes a canvas for creativity and collaboration. Arts on the Prairie—where community and creativity converge.